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About Us
Get to know more about our company and how we operate.

Your Secure Storage Facility in Livonia, MI

Welcome to Mac Yard, where integrity and secure accessibility are the foundation of our business. We make it easy to secure your large vehicles and valuable, weatherproof property items at our conveniently located storage facility. With free storage estimates and a range of lot sizes, reserving your storage space is easy, convenient, and highly cost-effective.

Our facility supports a broad range of residential and commercial storage needs, including parking for boats, RVs, campers, dumpsters, and more. We’ve earned the confidence of community members thanks to our experience and our protective security measures. Learn more about the safeguards we have in place below.

Our Protections

We have security measures in place to deter vandals, prevent theft, and keep your items locked down without limiting your secure access to items that belong to you. Our first layer of protection is an 8ft tall perimeter fence that stands strong between valuable stored items and the outside world. Accessing our storage yard requires individuals to pass through two uniquely passcoded security gates.

Our Clients

Mac Yard is preferred by a number of people from different walks of life within the Metro Detroit area. We serve boat owners who love fishing or traveling across local bodies of water. We support long-haul truck drivers who need a place to park their vehicles when they aren’t driving. We make service calls easier for businesses who need to store equipment or park fleet vehicles. We offer a helping hand to homeowners renovating a property when they need a place to park heavy machinery. In short, we’ve got storage options to suit a variety of demands.

Our Lot Sizes

At Mac Yard, we aren’t limited by ceiling heights or the issues and demands that can plague climate-controlled storage units. Take advantage of the accessibility and flexibility our outdoor storage facility offers. Explore our lot sizes and storage categories to get a better idea of how our storage solutions can best serve your needs.

  • 25ft Storage
  • 32ft Storage
  • 40ft Storage
  • Vehicle & Trailer Storage
  • Parking for Semi Trucks & Trailer
  • Mac Yard’s Commitment to Excellence

    We’re proud to help truck drivers, business owners, and individuals throughout the greater Metro Detroit area find ideal storage solutions designed to suit their needs. Our outdoor storage facility can accommodate a variety of demands thanks to the accessible but secure nature of our lots.

    As fellow logistics industry professionals, we understand the importance of protecting the assets that determine your livelihood. Our sister company, MN Express, is committed to supporting the truckers in their employ, and similarly, Mac Yard is dedicated to providing for the storage needs of every community member in our service area. We believe in promoting safety, streamlining routines, and improving operational effectiveness.

    Contact us today to find out more about available storage options and discover the best storage solutions for your circumstances. Our team can provide a free storage estimate and work with you to determine an ideal arrangement. We look forward to hearing from you.

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