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Oakland County, MI
Your top-rated storage facility in the greater Metro Detroit area.

Serving Oakland County with Secure Storage Space

There’s no need to clutter up your yard with work gear or infrequently used machinery—especially because leaving valuable vehicles and service equipment out in the open is a liability. It’s much safer to protect your expensive hobby items like RVs and boats when they’re parked at a secure facility like Mac Yard. Protect your daily way of life and invest in personal peace of mind when you lock things down at one of our outdoor storage lots. 

Long-haul drivers, parents, and savvy business owners know that making the most of every day is about time management—which includes minimizing the amount of time you spend on the road. Our secure storage facility makes it convenient for you to access equipment and belongings whenever you need them. Thanks to an optimal location near Metro Detroit, important service locations, residential areas, and waterfronts, we offer private citizens and business owners the room they need to improve their lives. 

We’re the Preferred Storage Facility of Oakland County

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We’re proud to support community members who work hard and play hard. Whether you need to store your rig after a long haul, or the boat that gets you out on the water every weekend like clockwork, we have the space to keep your belongings just as you left them. Our facilities make it easier for people to streamline and simplify their daily habits for greater productivity and personal satisfaction. 

With careful security measures, including closed circuit camera monitoring 24/7, we offer clients greater peace of mind. There’s no need to worry when it comes to protecting your items from unnecessary liability and harm. Our securely passcoded double gate system and 8ft high-security fences keep out anyone who shouldn’t be there and ensure that those who need access have it constantly at their fingertips. Learn more when you call to reserve your outdoor storage lot today.

Storage Facility Frequently Asked Questions

How long are outdoor storage leases for?
Leases are variable depending on customer needs and lot availability, but Mac Yard makes it simple and convenient to find suitable storage solutions for your desires. Contact us today to discuss your lease options and get a free storage estimate. 
Can I store dumpsters at Mac Yard?
Yes! Our spacious lot sizes and secure access make it easy to store dumpsters for all sorts of personal and professional needs. Get in touch with the Mac Yard team today for more information and to request your personalized, free storage estimate. 
What are drive-up units?

Drive-up units are ground-floor storage units that have their own loading areas. These storage spaces are often preferred for storing large, heavy items to improve accessibility and convenience. 

As an outdoor storage lot facility, all of the units at Mac Yard are drive-up units, meaning you have easier access for loading and unloading your belongings. Contact us today to learn more and request a free storage estimate.

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