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Top-level security and a convenient location in Metro Detroit.

Outdoor Storage Space in Livonia, MI

When you own a valuable property item, you quickly become aware of how much its safety matters and how much room it takes up in your personal space. RVs eat up street views, boats block up play space for pets and kids, and trailers can be an inconvenience when you need extra parking spots. Don’t let your recreational items and work equipment overrun your home life or business property. Store vehicles, dumpsters, and other large assets at the Mac Yard outdoor storage space. 

There’s no need to spend hours on the road or drive out of the way to place your valuable property items into good hands. Our facility makes it convenient to access your belongings when you need them, thanks to our central location in Livonia. Additionally, our security measures bring you peace of mind, making it easier to enjoy the important things in life on a daily basis. Without the stress of worrying about much-needed protection or the clutter of having these belongings in your yard, it becomes easier to put your energy into other things. Give yourself the space you need to grow your business or start spending more quality time with your friends and loved ones. Curious about our security features? Learn more below!

Why Livonia Trusts Mac Yard Storage Facility

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Business owners, hobbyists, seasonal recreationists, and people who know how to make the most of their privately owned spaces keep their valuable belongings at Mac Yard. Picking up and dropping off machinery, dumpsters, trailers, automobiles, and large equipment becomes a simple part of your routine, thanks to our location. Whether your kids have just started to drive and need space to park or your business partner wants easier access to materials and equipment, Mac Yard is your best bet for secure storage in Livonia. 

With top-of-the-line security features in place, it’s easier to lighten your load. We have the best setup for keeping your property items safe, including closed-circuit security cameras trained on our 2 uniquely passcoded gates. The perimeter of our storage lots is surrounded by strong, 8ft tall security fences to keep out anyone who shouldn’t be there. In our hands, your belongings will stay just as you’ve left them.

Storage Facility Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people choose to use a storage facility?
Using self-storage units and outdoor storage space allows business owners and private citizens to find cost-effective ways to securely house their valuable belongings.
Can an outdoor storage facility help me expand my business?
Yes! Growing businesses can greatly benefit from the convenience of using a storage facility to expand their usable space. This can help them avoid hassles and workflow interruptions caused by acquiring permits, undergoing construction, and even leasing larger properties. 
What are your storage unit sizes?

We offer outdoor storage lots in the following sizes: 

Contact us today for a recommendation on what size storage unit will best suit your personal needs.

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