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Vehicle & Trailer Storage
Our outdoor storage facility is the ideal place to secure your mobile assets.

Trailer Parking and Large Vehicle Storage in Livonia, MI

In Metro Detroit, we know that America runs on cars and transportation. Having access to the right types of vehicles and protecting those vehicles as valuable assets will ensure you can keep up with every aspect of modern life. But sometimes, we don’t have as much space as we need to stay ahead of our daily demands. Don’t let yourself be limited by the confines of your property—come to Mac Yard for better storage solutions!

Whether your RV is blocking valuable sunlight for your garden or you simply want more street access and parking spots for your business, we’ve got you covered. There’s a reason community members throughout Metro Detroit trust our facility, and our high level of security is top of the list! With security cameras, 2 tiers of passcoded gates, and strong, 8ft tall protective fences, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your trucks, cars, and other automobiles are safe and sound.

Van, Boat, RV Parking, and More

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When it comes to long-term parking for vehicles, our outdoor storage units are far and away an improvement on general parking lots and private yard space. Whether you use these items a few times a year or on a daily to weekly basis, it just makes more sense to keep them from eating up space on your property. Not to mention, keeping trailers and automobiles off the grass will help return your lawn to its beautiful, naturally healthy state. 

Work and play are made simpler and more convenient thanks to the storage options available at our outdoor storage facility. Business owners with fleets of vehicles can find flexible solutions designed to support dynamic capabilities for getting more work done every day. Hobbyists can enjoy parking their boats, campers, and RVs at a secure facility centrally close to the interstate, Lake Newburgh, Lake St. Claire, and the Detroit River. We even support truckers and long-haul drivers with rig and trailer storage. Learn more about finding the right storage solutions to suit your needs when you contact Mac Yard for a storage estimate today.

Your Storage Facility FAQs

What kinds of vehicles can I store at your outdoor facility?

You can keep a wide variety of vehicles at our storage facility, including:

  • Vans and trucks
  • Semi-trailers and rigs
  • Boats and RVs

We also offer storage options for large machinery and equipment. Contact us today to learn more and reserve your lot.

I’m a business owner. Can I store my vehicles and equipment at Mac Yard?
Absolutely! We’re proud to support a broad range of business types in the Metro Detroit area. From large-scale lawncare organizations to single-person proprietorships with just one or two equipment vehicles, Mac Yard has a lot size that will suit your needs. 
Does Mac Yard have weatherproof storage options?
Mac Yard is an outdoor storage facility, and we currently do not offer sheltered or weatherproof storage lots. We invite property item owners to bring their own tarps or weather-defense protections for their vehicles and trailers. 

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