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Outdoor Storage
Protect your valuable property items at our secure outdoor storage facility.

Outdoor Storage Lot Options in Livonia, MI

Outdoor storage options are essential for homeowners and individuals who need additional space to organize their belongings and protect them from any disturbances. Whether you’re worried about theft or neighborhood kids taking pranks too far, our security measures are a top-level defense and deterrent. You may simply need more space to park extra vehicles or equipment that would serve you better in a more convenient location, and we can help with that too! Create a healthier work-life balance by parking equipment, heavy machinery, and professional vehicles at our secure storage facility. 

Our facility’s location makes it easier to get where you need to go in the greater Metro Detroit area and beyond. It’s convenient and cost-effective to take advantage of our drive-up storage units. Our spaces are outdoor lots, making unloading equipment and materials smoother. The roomy nature of our facility ensures you have ample space to turn, pull in, back up, and park any vehicles.  

With a broad range of storage options to suit a variety of needs, Mac Yard is here to deliver dedicated support to community members. Whether you need a long-term parking solution or a temporary storage spot for a specialized project, we can help. Contact us today to explore available reservation options.

25ft Storage
These 25ft lots are the perfect place to securely park multiple vehicles, semi-cabs, dumpsters, and other valuable items. Conveniently located in Livonia, we make it easy for clients to access their belongings, ensuring 24/7/365 protection with our top-level security features.
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32ft Storage
Expand your business or keep it running smoothly with extra room for equipment and machinery storage. Our central location and versatile outdoor storage lots mean you can easily use the space to suit your specific storage purposes. We’ve created a facility ideal for meeting a broad array of needs.
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40ft Storage
Park flatbeds, trailers, fleets of vehicles, heavy equipment, large machinery, and other important assets on our 40ft secure storage lots. We’re equipped to accommodate the needs of nearly all types of business owners and individual community members. Find out how we protect your belongings.
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Vehicle & Trailer Storage
Park trailers and vehicles, including RVs and boats, at our protected storage yard. Our secure outdoor facility is designed to protect almost all kinds of mobile assets. Whether you’re an individual with a hobby vehicle or a business owner with a fleet of trucks and vans, we can accommodate you.
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Parking for Semi Trucks & Trailers
Give yourself peace of mind and make it easy to get on and off the road. We know the logistics industry, and we’re proud to support truckers and all types of drivers with a better place to keep the assets that support their livelihoods. Protect your rig and your daily way of life at our secure, conveniently located storage facility.
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