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25ft Storage Space
A secure storage facility for individuals and business owners in the Metro Detroit area.

RV Parking and Outdoor Storage in Livonia, MI

Keep your valuable items where they belong—in a secure storage space designed to accommodate and protect all kinds of assets, especially large vehicles. Leaving them out in the open, parked in your yard, or on your street is asking for trouble. And if these vehicles are your livelihood, that’s trouble you can’t afford. 

Don’t put your revenue or normal routine at risk. Free up space on your property and enjoy greater peace of mind when you park machinery, hobby items, dumpsters, and more at Mac Yard. Our protected facility keeps your valuable assets camera-monitored and safe under coded lock. And when you’re ready for pickup, you’ll enjoy convenient access that makes it easier to get your belongings where they need to go, thanks to our central location. Contact us today to get a quote for your lot reservation.

What Are the Benefits of A Professional Storage Space?

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Adding vehicles to your fleet or bringing on equipment that expands your service range can mean a valuable uptick in revenue, but first, you need space to keep these assets. Brick-and-mortar business owners can easily run out of parking space on their own lots, and this is an even greater concern if you’re an individual working out of your own home. With secure monitoring and protective fencing at Mac Yard, your property is in good hands. Our facility empowers you to give yourself a leg up without breaking the bank. 

When adding vehicles to your fleet or equipment that expands your service range and increases profits, it’s important to give yourself a leg up without breaking the bank. Adding space at a remote location can also improve accessibility. It’s simple to stop by our facility to drop off or pick up the right equipment, bringing it with you to jobs across Southeast Michigan. We make it easier to get where you need to go with better preparation and the right equipment. Don’t hold your business back from potential growth—expand today and make a lot reservation at our outdoor facility.

Your Storage Facility FAQs

What security features are in place at your storage facility?
We have 2 gates, each with unique security codes, as well as 8ft perimeter fences surrounding the storage area. The facility is monitored 24/7 by security cameras.
What types of property items are suitable for outdoor storage?
Mac Yard is the ideal storage space for vehicles, boats, RVs, dumpsters, heavy equipment, and machinery. Our outdoor facility does not have roofing, meaning it is not an ideal place for storing any soft materials or non-weatherproof items. Reach out to us to learn more and get your property storage estimate.
Do you offer multiple lot sizes for different storage needs?
Yes! We’re able to accommodate a variety of business owners and property owners by offering 25ft, 32ft, and 40ft storage spaces. Contact us today to learn more and get a pricing estimate.

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